The immigration laws have changed so much lately that persons with immigration problems should always consult with an immigration attorney for representation with their problem.


The ever changing rules have created numerous pitfalls that await the international. An immigration attorney can explain the current state of the immigration law to you and, if possible, help you accomplish your immigration goals quickly and efficiently.

Without professional legal advice, an immigrant or visitor runs the risk of violating one of the rules and jeopardizing his or her immigration status. A skilled immigration attorney can minimize this risk and provide you with an immigration strategy you can follow to achieve your goals. I can assist you through the entire process, from your visa application all the way through your citizenship exam; providing you with legal advice and strategy, answering your questions and monitoring your status to help you avoid immigration complications.

The courts have consistently held that deporting someone is not considered a form of "punishment"; but as anyone who has been subject to that procedure can tell you, immigration issues can lead to serious consequences. Even something as simple as forgetting to notify the INS of a change of address can create problems for an immigrant. Take the guesswork out of your immigration problem by letting me handle your case.

You may choose my telephone or internet consultation service if you simply need some questions answered or want assistance in planning your immigration strategy. Perhaps you want to participate in the next Visa Lottery . You may also retain my services if you need help filing a petition with the INS, or need representation before the INS, the Board of Immigration Appeals, the Administrative Appeals Unit, the Immigration Court, or The United States Federal District Court Northern District of California.