Chances are you have learned some valuable skills while serving in the military.

Now you want to continue your studies with an education online that enhances what youve learned in the service.

Here are some good choices for different skill sets.


If you use computers in your daily work, you could pursue a degree in computer science, computer engineering, information technology, network administration, or information technology management. It all depends on what you enjoy. Do you enjoy programming to create software? Do you like working with databases? Do you enjoy IT but prefer to manage projects? Look for a program that meets your interests and skill sets.


If you work in any medical capacity in the military, you have several options for a degree path. You could study alternative medicine, dental hygiene, pharmacy, radiological science or nutrition, just to name a few!
If youve been working in a nursing program, earning a nursing degree, or even going on to get a PhD will perfectly complement the experience you have gained.

Law Enforcement

If your military role has you rounding up the troops, you might consider a degree in criminal justice. You can add forensics, psychology, ethics and criminal prosecution to your warehouse of knowledge!

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