Kindle publishing tips

One very important element to a Kindle publishing is the cover image.

This is used by Amazon Kindle store – as a small thumbnail, and represents the cover of what the real book would be.
As it’s a small thumbnail, it’s essential that it’s created in a simple and easy to read format. Big and bold is best here!
You can of course outsource this task, again, $5 or $10 would get you a very usable cover image. A tip here – you need to specify a FLAT image, not a 3d image that looks like a book, they aren’t really appropriate on Kindle. Specify an image in a portrait format of about 1000 pixels high.

An alternative is to create your own. This method is very simple and not difficult.
The first step is to find a royalty-free image to use as a background.

One way to do this is to use Flickr. Go to Flickr and use the advanced search. In there you can specify show images with Creative Commons license and for commercial use. That way you can use the image.

You have to give attribution usually with these sorts of licenses, but you can do that at the end of you book, in the end-matter.
So, search for the general topic of your book, and select a suitable image.
Ensure it’s at least 500 pixels tall, preferably 1000 pixels. And you need a portrait layout image – ie taller than it is wide.
Okay, download the image to your drive, and open it up in a image editing software such as something like Paint if you are on a PC. Nothing fancy is required.
Then, all you have to do is find the text tool and use it to create a text area for the Title of your book.

Make sure you choose a font, size and colour that is big and bold and dominates the cover. People NEED to be able to read this when it’s tiny, and I mean really tiny…

Also, you may want to add your author name on the book, usually in a much smaller font, but still visible.

Now save it as a JPG or PNG. AND THAT’S IT! SIMPLE!